Obama Promotional Items

September 18, 2008

Our award for the most intelligent, creative, and fun idea goes to Ojamas Sleepwear. Which came first, the name or the product design? The Michigan company playfully conjured up the idea by thinking of words real and imagined that rhymed with Obama. Pajama was one of the first words that came to mind and the contraction was an immediate and obvious winner. They considered several design ideas, and settled on the

“all-over O” in a staggered step-and-repeat pattern which has drawn praise from as far away as Australia where World News called them “the latest in political fashion chic.” Originally planned to ship world-wide in time for the Democratic National Convention, the factory hit a snag and the initial product varied too significantly from the original design specification. They were sent back to square one and are now planning to begin filling a backlog of orders by the second week of October, just in time for the presidential election. A portion of the proceeds from sales are to be donated to the Obama/Biden campaign. Well done, Ojamas. I’ll take five pairs. To order yours, visit www.Ojamas.us.

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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 2, 2008

    CONTACT: Carol Webster (615-826-9432) or Michelle Brooks (714) 259-0745

    Chocolate Graphics Introduces
    New Limited Edition Obama Chocolates

    Tustin, California, USA – Chocolate Graphics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new Limited Edition Obama Chocolates. A portrait of President-Elect Barack Obama is embossed in white chocolate on a four inch milk chocolate square, complete with a white chocolate-embossed background of the American flag and the White House. The chocolate is packaged in a gold presentation box together with an acrylic keepsake etched with the same image. Dark chocolate and white chocolate versions are also available on request.

    This unique chocolate and acrylic memento gift set is now available for purchase on http://www.obamachocolatesonline.com for $15 each plus shipping and handling or by calling Chocolate Graphics Newport Beach at 1-866-323-0745. Orders must be placed by December 15th for Christmas delivery; however, this item will be available for sale through the first quarter of 2009 while supplies last.
    “Chocolate Graphics displayed a few one-of-a-kind chocolates embossed with President-Elect Obama’s image at a recent trade show in Los Angeles,” explains Carol Webster, Marketing Manager. “We had such an amazing positive response to them from people who are excited about this upcoming historic inauguration that we decided to offer them to the general public.”
    Several community organizations and churches have also expressed an interest in using this chocolate and acrylic gift set for upcoming fundraisers. Chocolate Graphics will be offering special volume discounts for orders over 1,000.
    Chocolate Graphics’ unique and proprietary computerized laser technology produces 100% chocolate products with high-definition graphic chocolate embossing. The process is able to emboss any image, message or photograph onto chocolate with unprecedented clarity. Best of all, no inks or dyes are used; the final product is completely made of chocolate. These innovative products can be made in almost any flat shape, size and flavor, and in many different colors, making them ideal for a wide range of uses and markets.

    About Chocolate Graphics: Chocolate Graphics has grown from a small cottage-based industry in 1996 to a global commercial venture in 2008. Chocolate Graphics currently markets its unique patented products and manufacturing processes worldwide through licenses and franchises. With 36 licensees/franchisees now appointed in 36 countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Sweden, Romania, Poland, South Africa and Greece, Chocolate Graphics continues to rapidly expand into new geographic areas. Chocolate Graphics International currently has its international headquarters in Queensland, Australia, and its U.S. headquarters in Orange County, California. For more information on creating and purchasing personalized, embossed chocolates for all occasions, visit http://www.chocolategraphicsoc.com.

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