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Ojamas Hailed by Gov’s Hub

January 16, 2009

Michigan’s First Gentleman, Mr. Daniel Granholm Mulhern published an article recently about the challenges we face econmically and otherwise, and he shared his thoughts on how we should approach the tasks.  He calls out Ojamas Sleepwear as a case study.  Very interesting perspective.

Michigans First Gentleman

Michigan's First Gentleman


A Change is Gonna Come

December 18, 2008

While you’re wrapping or unwrapping or waiting for your Ojamas, here’s a little entertainment for you.  A vey nice job by Seal with the song that Sam Cooke made famous.  Wow, this really captures the feelings of people who have hung on to a tattered shred of hope for so long.  I’m posting it here because, well I just felt it spoke to our collective hopes at this time in history.  My favorite line is “There were times I thought I wouldn’t last for long.  Now I think I’m able, able to carry on.”  Thank God, a change is gonna come.


Happy Anniversary, Obamas

October 3, 2008

I bet I know what Barack got Michelle for their anniversary. It’s got to be something that keeps her warm and reminds of him on those nights when he’s away campaigning or in some far away place negotiating world peace or tough business deals for the US. It would have to be something really special after 16 years of marriage and two beautiful children. After all they’ve gone through campaigning for the Presidency, the perfect gift has to capture the spirit of the election as well as the humor and intelligence of the man himself. There’s only one gift he could possibly be springing on her tonight in that romantic Italian restaurant that meets all of those criteria…… it’s gotta be his and hers matching Ojamas!


Sing for Change

October 2, 2008

Ojamas Sleepwear is looking for a Michigan choir who wants to lift up Barack Obama in song.  22 children got together back in August to sing a song of hope.  Their song has come under criticism from the Right as a professionally scripted media insertion rather than the grass roots effort it claimed to be.  Ojamas Sleepwear says, “so what.”  We’d like to get a good adult gospel choir to render a version of the song that raises the roof with no pretension other than to lift our man as high as possible.   Here’s the children’s version if you haven’t seen it.


Obama Originality

September 15, 2008

T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers are ubiquitous in every campaign season, but what are the truly unique items that are catching the interest and imagination of the electorate?  The 2008 presidential election is abuzz with some of the most innovative, original, or downright cute ideas for merchandise, memorabilia and collectibles in history, and this presumably is directly attributeable to the originality and popularity of the candidate himself.  If you want magnets and coffee mugs, you won’t find them here. But if you want to see what’s special – things you won’t find anywhere else, this is the place.  If you come across anything that is unique and relevant, please feel free to leave us a comment with a description and/or link.  Enjoy.