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Ojamas Photo Album

November 4, 2008

If you have Obama pajamas, Ojamas Sleepwear is putting together an album of people celebrating Tuesday night wearing them. Send your picture to


Latest Photo of Ojamas

October 20, 2008

They’re almost ready. Here’s the latest photo. The pocket design is aligned properly, but we’re fixing that and will have it done in time for delivery by election day.


Obama Stuff

September 18, 2008

Our award for the most intelligent, creative, and fun idea goes to Ojamas Sleepwear. Which came first, the name or the product design? The Michigan company playfully conjured up the idea by thinking of words real and imagined that rhymed with Obama. Pajama was one of the first words that came to mind and the contraction was an immediate and obvious winner. They considered several design ideas, and settled on the

“all-over O” in a staggered step-and-repeat pattern which has drawn praise from as far away as Australia where World News called them “the latest in political fashion chic.” Originally planned to ship world-wide in time for the Democratic National Convention, the factory hit a snag and the initial product varied too significantly from the original design specification. They were sent back to square one and are now planning to begin filling a backlog of orders by the second week of October, just in time for the presidential election. A portion of the proceeds from sales are to be donated to the Obama/Biden campaign. Well done, Ojamas. I’ll take five pairs. To order yours, visit