Made in America

March 17, 2009

One of our biggest dissapointments when we began creating Ojamas was the lack of textile manufacturing in the US. We obviously would have dearly loved to proudly put “Made in America” on our Ojamas labels, and we tried very hard to find a vendor here at home, but ultimately we were only able to find textilers in Asia that could meet our production needs. While most of our customers have not mentioned the issue, a few have expressed their concerns which we truly share.

The reality of textile manufacturing is that the industry has all but completely left our shores due in large part to the reduced costs of foreign labor. Most of the clothing found in the US with a “Made in America” label, sadly, is actually made in China or Southeast Asia. How can that be? Frankly, it’s a matter of encomics. The textile companies recognize two groups of consumers. The first group is comprised of those consumers who place a higher priority on value and price. The second is a group which places at least some importance on buying American-made products. Without so much as a wink to ethics, some companies are sticking “Made in America” on items made elsewhere simply to “trick” consumers into buying their products.

This was never a consideration for Ojamas Sleepwear. We’re a true American company trying to find a way to breathe life into an industry at home and restore American jobs and quality in our own market place. We will not accomplish that by fraudulently labeling our products, as much as we’d love to sell more. No gain is worth sacrificing the trust we’re trying to build with our customers. Currently over 97% of all apparel is made outside of the USA. With your help, we’re going to try to take some of that back.

You haven’t seen new products from us since our original Ojamas because we’ve been working hard to find American partners that share our vision. We have, however, made tremendous improvements in the products we’re importing. If you’ll continue to support us as we delivery higher quality products, you’ll also be enabling us to build greater manufacturing capacity (and jobs) here in the US. We’re not there yet, but when you see a “Made in America” label on Ojamas Sleepwear, you’ll know it’s the real deal – a name you can trust. Thanks for your continued support. For more information please see this article by Terri Gruca of WCCO.


Obamamania in the UK

January 29, 2009

The Alan Titchmarsh Show is a popular one in the UK. On inauguration day, they did a segment on Obama-themed products. Guess which product was the coolest?


Bill TV Ojamas Video

January 21, 2009

When he ripped open the mail, guess what he found? No, not Ojamas, but his song and dance is worth a pair at least. Thanks, Bill!


Ojamas on WPIX NY

January 20, 2009

Did you see Ojamas on WPIX in New York this morning? Front and center!  See the video clip “Everything Obama”.



Inaugural Official Guidebook

January 17, 2009

Official Inaugural Guide

Did you know there’s an Official Guidebook for the 56th Presidential Inaugural?  It’s free and it’s here.

Also, Black Enterprise Magazine featured an article titled Step Out in Style Inaugural Weekend about what to wear and do in Washngton DC this weekend.  At the top of their list?  Ojamas!  Way to go, B.E!


Pastry Makers Sweet on Pajamas

January 16, 2009

Masse’s Pastries in Berkley looking sweet in their Ojamas.  Look for the article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Photo Couresty Sylvia Rubin, SFCrhoniicle

Photo Couresty Sylvia Rubin, SF Chronicle


Ojamas Hailed by Gov’s Hub

January 16, 2009

Michigan’s First Gentleman, Mr. Daniel Granholm Mulhern published an article recently about the challenges we face econmically and otherwise, and he shared his thoughts on how we should approach the tasks.  He calls out Ojamas Sleepwear as a case study.  Very interesting perspective.

Michigans First Gentleman

Michigan's First Gentleman


Ojamas are Cookin’!

January 6, 2009

Thanks to Sandy for sending us the picture of her cookin’ up a storm on Christmas morning in her Ojamas.

Sandy in Ojamas


Pajama Program Inauguration Ball

January 1, 2009
Obama Pajama Party

Obama Pajama Party Inauguration Ball

The Pajama Program is a non-profit organization that provides new, warm pajamas and books to children in need in the Unites states and around the world, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted.   The program started with personal contributions from founders Genevieve Piturro, her friend Alice Clark, and their friends and relatives.  The Pajama Program has grown nationwide and now receives contributions from generous supporters and fundraising events across the country.

One such event is the  Obama Pajama Inaugural Ball being held in Washington D.C. Sunday, January 18th.  Hosted by reknowned actress, Carrie Fisher, the event begins at 7pm with a VIP Dinner in the Rotunda of the Ronald Reagan Building followed at 8pm by a Gala Reception in the Pavillion.  Attire is black tie/ball gown or pajamas/nightgown.

A natural and perfectly complimentary patner, Ojamas Sleepwear, is co-sponsoring the event.  Click here to buy tickets or make a donation.


A Change is Gonna Come

December 18, 2008

While you’re wrapping or unwrapping or waiting for your Ojamas, here’s a little entertainment for you.  A vey nice job by Seal with the song that Sam Cooke made famous.  Wow, this really captures the feelings of people who have hung on to a tattered shred of hope for so long.  I’m posting it here because, well I just felt it spoke to our collective hopes at this time in history.  My favorite line is “There were times I thought I wouldn’t last for long.  Now I think I’m able, able to carry on.”  Thank God, a change is gonna come.